Hey my name is Lukas, I’m a Berlin, Germany based motion designer, 3D artist and animator and I really enjoy translating my visions into reality. My passion for design, audio, 2D/3D graphics and animation has guided my skill-set over the years. I love to work freely and creatively but have also learned  to work under pressure, adapt my art-style and to produce content that has clear guidelines.  In my past I’ve been working as a motion designer in a gaming company and I am currently working for a multi media software company in Berlin but  I still accept freelance projects.

As a designer and artist, I  combine all of the passions I have for different subjects, such as music, film, animation, photography, fine art, 3D and gaming to create something personal and original. I would enjoy  hearing from you about comissions, insipration, praise and critique!

Things I do and make:
-3D Models, Scenes and renders, lots of characters and abstract aesthetics (Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, Corona Renderer)
-Designs for posters, flyers, album art, events, advertisement and marketing assets (InDesign, Illustrator, PS)
-2D/3D Animations (Cinema 4D, After Effects)

-Digital Fashion Design (Marvelous Designer)
-Unreal Engine assets and animations ( Unreal Engine 4 )
-Photos and retouching (Photoshop)
-Videos and editing (Premiere Pro)
-Drawing  (Oldschool pen and paper)

For inquiries contact me here:  lukas.hahn89@googlemail.com

If you want to support me and my work with a coffee or donut you can donate on paypal here:   DONATE

You can exclusively liscence my artwork here: https://artgrab.co/art/lukas.hahn.graphics